Whilst With Malice is first and foremost a Lakers blog, other NBA viewpoints are both presented and welcome here.
Who’s involved?
Living in Japan hasn’t stopped Don from maintaining a fanaticism for the NBA – and in particular the Lakers – that borders on the… ummm… fanatical.
Motivated suddenly after reading “Kill Buss” (still probably my all-time favourite blog post anywhere), With Malice was born the same day.
On December 1st of ’08, With Malice took the plunge and joined with a new – but as yet small – network: Bloguin (it’s HUGE now!).
Raised in Australia on a steady diet of Showtime, Don is currently working on getting the world to believe in the veritable deification of Kareem, Magic, Jerry and possibly Kobe… whilst simultaneously attempting to avoid the snide derision of Rob, TBF, Usher & 46 (the other sometime-writers at With Malice), all the while patiently brainwashing his son as to all things purple ‘n’ gold (is it wrong for a 3-year-old to have tattoos proclaiming “SHOWTIME!”?).
Never, ever short of an opinion, Don’s always happy to share them on pretty much anything.
Rob (Brumbygg) – Contributing Writer…
Rob has been a Celtics fan since he realized that a goofy-looking white guy could actually play ball.
From the highs of the original ‘Big 3’, through the lean and painful years, the even leaner and more painful Pitino years, the false dawn of the Walker years, to the new ‘Big 3’ and the glorious addition of banner #17 it has been a long and eventful ride!
Rob has spent 19 years living and working internationally and currently resides in Vietnam where he is eternally grateful for ESPN!
His link to this site goes back over 20 years with his friendship with Don – a friendship frequently tested when the Celtics and Lakers meet!
TBFContributing Writer…
The Big Fundamental has been analysing basketball since he made his first swap for a trading card at the age of 11 – a peanut butter sandwich for Dikembe Mutombo 1991 All-Star game in Orlando, Hoops 91/92 Series 1!!!.
Since then he’s – like all of us – tried to make it big and after that went pear-shaped (again like most of us), has resorted to analysing the NBA.
He is a Spurs fan to the core, but although the name can be deceiving, his favorite player of all time is Scottie Pippen. Nevertheless, he finds his interest lies in the “oft-ignored” stats and observational science that can only come from a PhD in Science. A student of the game to the bone, TBF is not afraid to pull any punches in the quest for objectivity in his analysis, as any good scientist should. In fact that would be what he prides himself in with his writing: objectivity. THAT is a TBF guarantee.
46 & 2Contributing Writer…
Like a fine cheese, 46 seems to ooze cheesiness. Having grown up as a lifelong Magic fan (beginning with Nick Anderson’s selection as Orlando’s first draft pick). 46 is clearly delusional when it comes to forming opinions on players on the Orlando Magic roster (hint: J.J. Reddick is a defensive dynamo) and is probably insane given his times spent in the Kentucky Central Insane Asylum (after all he does cheer for the Magic).
As hard as 46 tried, he never quite conquered his ability for spontaneous combustion so he put down his radioactive pants and did what every other wannabe Superhero does, he became a Primary School Teacher. Currently residing in Japan, where he teaches students’ the importance of signing free agents like Grant Hill and Steve Francis as well as teaching the fundamentals of basketball such as behind-the-back-passes and shooting with your eyes closed. He has been known to save babies from burning buildings and star in low grade amateur movies.
He also likes the band Tool and thinks cheese is pretty cool.

UsherContributing Writer…
Calling Usher an “NBA fan” is like calling Ron Artest ‘mildly delusional’.
Since a young age his love for the Denver Nuggets was apparent, so much so that at the age of 12 Usher named his first child Mutumbo. Usher lives his life by The Bro Code, talks in 3rd person, and is a budding RnB artist.
He likes to go against the norm – he finds Chris Paul boring, Chris Bosh overrated, and thinks LeBron will be better then Jordan. His All-Time Starting 5 would be Allen Iverson – Vince Carter – Carmelo Anthony – Dennis Rodman and Shaq. They’d score 150 points a game, concede 170, but when there game is on TV, I bet you wouldn’t switch the channel.
Recent ‘career’ developments has led Usher to Europe as a Contiki Tour Site Rep, meaning he has limited access to NBA game footage. Nevertheless, he studies boxscores and ESPN religiously, and likes to think he can still provide meaningful insights about the NBA (and if that fails, regular Anti-Kobe comments). Just a word of warning, most of his posts will have been written drunk and at 2:00am in the morning, so if you’re easily offended, his writing may not be for you!