Melo/Heat? Won’t happen…

Well… it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post here (largely due to ‘stuff-in-real-life’), but there’s lots to talk about and I find myself with a few spare minutes.

First up… the thought that Melo might end up at the Heat.  Well, ok.  Worth entertaining… but I think it’s nigh on an impossibility.

With LeBron opting out, it’s a very real possibility that he’s departing the Heat.  Or not.  It could end up with him rejoining the Heat (and I think they made inroads on that by trading to get the newly-drafted Shabazz Napier – LeBron’s favourite player in the draft).

It’s unrealistic to expect that LeBron, Wade & Bosh would opt out and opt back in for about 2/3 of what they’re due to earn. especially Wade, who has stated that does not he plan on taking * less *.   Especially Wade.  To be honest, I think he’s the sticking point.  I’m not sure he’ll take a deal that amounts to less over the next two years.  Nor do I think he believes he should need to, championships bedamned.
Additionally, not sure Melo provides them with anything they don’t already have. They *need* better defense.

Bosh can’t do what he used to any more – because there’s far too much overlap with what he used to do with the games of LeBron/Wade. Wade simply CAN’T do what he used to do for an entire season… which means that LeBron has to carry the load for the season – and then is not quite superhuman once we get to the Finals.

The Spurs showed them up… and provided a game-plan that can beat the Heat. That’s not to say any team can now, but passing’s obviously the key.
Add to that, another year on, and their already old role players are a year older, Dwyane Wade being a dominant player is done ‘n dusted (did you see the block Splitter put on him? Ignore that it wasn’t going to be a dunk, Wade wasn’t high enough to slam)… and Bosh too isn’t the player he was 5 years ago.

It’s been a good run. But I think as currently constituted, it’s the end of the Heat’s window (as far as actually *winning* titles goes).


Would love to hear thoughts.  Or not.  Happy just to be back.