3 minutes is a lifetime

mini-bugIt’s a cliché, but try do pretty much anything in 3 minutes.  Toast a piece of bread… put on your shoes ‘n’ tie them… make a cup of coffee – whatever.  You get the point. There aren’t too many things you can do in 180 seconds… but have a look at the last period of play in game 3 of the LA/Utah Western Conference semi-finals.
This section starts with about 2:48 to go, with the Lakers down 96-100… watch on (Brian Kamenetzky and Kevin Arnovitz break it down…):

Ask the Jazz: 3 minutes can be a lifetime.
LA?  A very nice, if somewhat-lucky 111-110 win, they’re up 3-0, with a chance to close it all up in SLC on Monday.
As if it needs to be said – GO LAKERS!