Turmoil? In LA? Err…

ESPN published their "NBA Turmoil Rankings", and post reading it two things spring to mind.
1. How desperate are they for news that they create a "Turmoil Rankings" piece!  Dear god, World-Wide Leader: actually do some *reporting*!
2. How on earth are they measuring this?  
Some stuff leaps out: first of all, LA as numero uno?  Despite what Kobe Bryant says about "competing", all and sundry are aware that the Lakers won't be one of the top level elite teams in the coming season.  Dwight Howard's gone (always a source of contention – g'luck with that Houston!), Pau Gasol's back to where he feels most comfortable.  Is ESPN's thought process that merely from being a middle-of-the-pack team, LA are going to be a team that experiences high levels of strife?  
Sure: there'll be some level of angst – hell, that was present even in the years the Lakers won titles – Kobe is a more mellow dude now than ever before, but he's still Kobe Bryant, it's a top bet action as far as some tension will be at least present at some point during the season!  But #24's even said that he's a) not sure if he'll actually be ready at the opener, and b) he'd like to play less minutes this season.  There's realisation there that 2013/14 is not going to be a realistic chance of competing for the title…
There are absolutely going to be teams that experience far worse turmoil than that of the LA Lakers!
The Nets at #3?  Ummm… they improve their roster significantly, and they're number three?  I don't know about you, but a team that has Paul Pierce as it's 4th option, and a KG who doesn't even need to worry about providing 'offensive spark' – they're not destined for 'tension'… unless it's a "we-figure-PP/KG-will-hate-not-being-Celtics".  And even then, you are stretching it mightily.
Making up the top 5 – the Knicks (#2), fair call: Melo's possible last season, competing with Miami… the Kings (#4), umm, huh?  Because they're "bad"?  There are a lot of "bad teams" in the NBA… and Denver (#5).  Yes, because every team with a deep roster and young talent should experience turmoil.  Go figure.

So, all in all… is this serious?  Or just another example of ESPN's ever-increasing slide into inept and completely irrelevant BS…