LA Destinations: Chris Paul vs Dwight Howard


Well, the NBA world’s a-flutter with speculation over the possibilities involving Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.  LA’s been named as a destination for both, amply fueled by Matt Barnes announcing that Dwight told him he wants to play with the Lakers, and apparently Chris Paul recognizing that the Knicks are a no-go, and now the Lakers are his team of choice.

Now, if NOLA were to bite on a deal with Gasol as the centerpiece, then it would be a possibility… but my gut tells me that it’s going to be an either/or deal.  Not both.  Either way, I kinda think I’d prefer a Howard/Gasol/Bryant key three rather than a Howard/Bryant/Paul.
Don’t get me wrong: the latter would be a pretty awesome set of players to possess.  Even in fantasy basketball that threesome would be nigh on impossible to possess… but it’s just that I like what Pau Gasol brings to the court, and I think paired with Howard LA’s D becomes pretty much impenetrable – and the other end of the floor would be awesome as well. 
Offense: Kobe would pretty much have to be solo-teamed.  Same with Howard/Gasol.  How do you defend that?
There’s less overlap with the skillsets of Howard/Gasol/Bryant than Howard/Bryant/Paul (and far less than a certain threesome that dwells on the Eastcoast).
Add to this, there is Chris Paul’s knee – a concern that would have to hang over him like the Sword of Damocles… questionable knees are one helluva bane for a point like Chris Paul.

The addition of Jason Kapono adds fuel to this all: he’s the perfect kick-out shooter for either a slashing CP3 or beastly D12.  Need more?  Andrew Bynum‘s said he “wants his own team”.  Every day that seems more and more likely.
If it comes to a choice between the two, gimme Dwight.
Exciting times to be a Laker fan…