Steve Blake commits, and other Laker-news!

The Lakers just obtained a commitment from Steve Blake on a 4 year deal at $4 million per.  Blake shores up LA at the point, providing a better presence there than the Lakers have had in a few years (Derek Fisher’s intangibles not-withstanding).
There’ll be some contention now over Fish, given that he’s not looking to take much of a paycut, if at all, from the $5 million he earnt last season.  LA made an initial offer to Fish of 1 year at 2.5 million, but suffice to say that the two sides are pretty far apart at the moment.
The Blake signing means that LA will probably let both Farmar and Brown walk, and whilst they’ve been great for the Lakers, it’s become apparent that neither were going to be the answer at the team.  Both deserve the opportunity to ply their trade elsewhere.
Recapping: thus far in LA’s off-season…
  • LA draft Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter.  Both are relatively solid picks, especially given that LA drafted them at #43 and #58 respectively.  Ebanks lacks on offense, but aparently is a very good defender.  Caracter has had… ummm… ‘character’ issues in the past, but if he can put those behind him he’ll be a great pick up.
  • Phil Jackson signs on for yet another year…