Looking Ahead for the Lakers

Whilst the Lakers haven’t had an especially auspicious start to the season, there’s little reason to panic.  To do so would be absolutely foolish with a roster as loaded as this one so obviously is.

A healthy and dominating Dwight Howard, Metta World Peace hitting corner threes again and Steve Nash learning the ropes it looks like 2013 could be an exciting season.  And of course, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol still play in purple and gold.  Kobe relishing the greater possibility of adding to his championship total, and Pau benefiting from a season without trade rumors, and playing alongside Nash and Howard.
Mitch Kupchak has done a magnificent job putting together a roster that’s the envy of every other team in the NBA.

LA Lakers
With the Clippers looming on Friday night, the Lakers will be looking to get their first win on the ledger, and no-one could doubt that they have the ability to do so, even with Steve nash perhaps sitting out the game with a minor leg contusion.  It’ll be no easy battle, and one that the Lakers will need to work hard at to come out on top.

It would be interesting to know what Lakers player’s do to relax and unwind in the little time they have between hitting the court for games or for training? It’s rumoured that Kupchak asks them to stay off their feet and avoid extreme sports or activities for the duration of the season, so no skiing or wild adventures are waiting for any of the players as they make the most of recuperation time. It’s aid that some of the players stick to online activities and like to win off the field when they play slots games at top online casinos,whilst others spend their time working out, meditating and doing slow stretch activities like yoga to keep them in shape for the heavy training to come.

Kupchak and the Lakers haven’t let the stress of Howard hitting free agency status in July 2013 affect him as he has the pick of the crop and the exclusive tag of being a Lakers player is an attractive draw card for anyone up for a new commitment. It doesn’t make sense for him or the team to stress, as this team is built with the NBA final trophy in consideration, something we’ll all enjoy them getting.