LA/NOLA – game 4. A good game to win…

Sunday.  New Orleans play gracious host to the Los Angeles Lakers in game 4 of the opening round of the playoffs.  And I guess it’s stating the obvious to say that it’s a very, very important game.
LA take it, and the Bees find themselves in a very deep hole: headed back to LA with a 3-1 deficit, facing elimination.
The Hornets win, and we have a series on our hands…

The news for the Lakers is good however.  Pau Gasol finally answered the question of “Will the real Pau Gasol please stand up?” with a good performance in the second half of game 3.  Prior to that, he’d been decidedly underwhelming, in a match-up that should see him completely dominating games.  I mean… c’mon.  Carl Landry‘s a solid enough player, but shutting down one of the premier big men in the game?  Say what???
Andrew Bynum‘s going to play… which is phenomenal news.  Bynum’s been the difference between the two sides, and has been a force to be reckoned with. 
An acquaintance of mine who’s a complete Laker-hater noted:
     “I don’t think Bynum can be stopped on offense. He is just such a giant, and has the agility and mobility of a much
     smaller player.”

You know the guy’s playing well when he draws such high praise from someone who despises the team he plays for.  If LA can take game 4, that’ll go a long way in helping AB get some rest on that knee – as the Dallas/Portland series seems destined for 6 or 7 games.

Kobe Bryant‘s been Kobe.  And whilst in game 2 he didn’t garner much of a statline, he was the reason Chris Paul‘s boxscore was anaemic too.  And make no mistake: therein lies the key to the Bee. Take out #3, and they’re reliant on pieces that probably wouldn’t be starting at most of the teams still playing basketball at this point in the space/time continuum.

But there’s no doubt, that LA will really want game 4.  I expect to see more of the team that made a huge run post the All Star Break.  Because it’s about time that team turned up.

Busy times at the moment, haven’t been able to post that much of late… hopefully that’ll change a bit henceforth!