A discourse on Dallas (vs LA)…

Continuing the dialogue on Dallas vs LA Lakers… with Ezra of TP&G of course!

Don: For all the fanfare surrounding the Mavericks, surprisingly every single pundit that writes for either Yahoo or ESPN has picked the Lakers. Ranging from 5 to 7 games.
I have to express some surprise at that, given some of the pieces I’ve been reading that discuss Dallas chances vs Kobe Bryant & crew.
But I agree with their picks!
Looking at the match-ups, I don’t think there’s a single one that I have Dallas as a clear winner.

Ezra: I also heard a couple of interviews on the radio here in L.A. from two guys who cover the Mavs for two different papers. They too don’t have any confidence in the Mavs getting past the Lakers. In fact, one of them asked Dirk Nowitzki where he sees a matchup advantage for the Mavs but Dirk couldn’t even come up with a good BS answer for that. Ha!
Don: Well… everything out East is going along swimmingly. Pretty much everyone who’s supposed to be there, IS there. The Boston/Miami series should be a ripper. And I’m looking forward to see if Rose can continue to do what he’s been doing.
But out West? How ’bout the Grizz!? Beat the Spurs – who they sought (and I picked Memphis in that match-up!), and now up 1-0 on OKC.
I think LA can get past Dallas, and the Grizzlies make an interesting match-up should they get there. Honestly? I’d prefer facing them to the Thunder.

Ezra: I’ve been waiting for that Celtics/Heat matchup since day one. Boston has been good at making both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James shoot over double coverage and with a hand on their face, but we’ll see if Spoelstra have any gameplan for that defense. On the other end, expect the Heat to run a ton of screens those guys and screen and pop with Chris Bosh. I think Spoelstra will try to get Bostons’ D moving all the time to hopefully tire them.

What’s funny about the Spurs is I thought New Orleans was the only team they probably could’ve eliminated. I know a lot of people thought they got fooled by them just because they finished with the best record in the NBA. Sucks for them! As for the Grizz, I won’t be surprised if they get through OKC. They have a better frontline. Plus, they have Tony Allen, Shane Battier and Sam Young to throw at Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. We know what happens to them when Durant becomes a volume shooter, he shoots them out of the game. But I’ll reserve my judgement if they get past the Thunder.