Controversial Issue: On Bryant…

This, could well upset some people.  And believe me: I in no way condone the use of derogatory terms… but I think we all need to maintain a little perspective on the situation regarding Kobe Bryant.
Hasn’t the “politically correct” gone a little too far on the issue of “what-Kobe-said”?  Isn’t a 100k fine a little overboard?

Yes, it was not something I’d like my four year old to hear.  No, it’s not something that should be said in earshot of a microphone… but the reality of the issue is that if you’re going to start handing down fines of that magnitude for things said in the field of play, then a helluva lot of guys are going to be paying out a helluva lot of fines on a daily basis.
Hell, Kevin Garnett‘d be broke before the end of a game.

The response from players has been pretty much incredulity.  Both Raymond Felton and Jameer Nelson expressed surprise at the size of the fine whilst on the Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN, and both agreed that the general reaction in lockerooms was one of “Whoa!”.

Kobe’s response to it all was swift:
“My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period. The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone.”
Bryant also followed that up with stating that even given the situation, the choice of words were wrong, and it was important for him to “own that”.

The difficulty lies in how much more intimate sports have become.  Kobe’s “Beanie!!!  F**kin’ f***ot…”  Wham!  Right on the TVs of the world in Hi-def.
This is simply the reality of where we now are.  The volatility of sports meets the sensitivity of the living room.  Stuff’s said in the heat of the moment that is neither considered, nor meant.
The hypocrisy of the situation is that David Stern knows this, but in order to head off a potential powder-keg just prior to what should be an incredible playoffs, he handed out a $100,000 fine.

Now, reiterating: no-one’s saying that Kobe’s exclaimed expletives are ok, just that perhaps a little judiciousness is applied when considering Kobe’s appeal of the fine.