Lakers vs. Jazz Preview with NBA Odds

Neither Byron Scott nor Kobe Bean Bryant were particularly impressed by the celebration post the win over the Celtics the other night, when they brought home a 118-111 win over Boston in OT.  I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem coming up in the next game in Utah.  Whilst the Lakers might be buoyed having defeated (a very depleted) old foe, the Lakers will head to ESA and continue to do what they’re supposed to do this season: lose.  And if you’re interested in bringing the NBA betting expert home, it’s just a click away.  Utah are resurgent, having won 4 outta the last 5 – and their defence is stifling.  Rudy Gorbet’s been a revelation there – all-time beastly at the moment.  Hard to get past him, with nearly 4 blocks per over his 10 starts.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not bitter.  There are a lot of Lakerfans who are kicking and screaming about the current season – not me.  LA need a helluva lot of help and the Front Office have played this very well in constructing a team that has names, but will indeed get the prerequisite wins losses record to ensure that the franchise keeps the likely-to-be-good first round pick that could have otherwise ended up in Phoenix (but is now owned by the 76ers, who continue to accumulate *options*), if it wasn’t a top 5er.
Not me.  I am very happy to have the team sink to the lowest depths – no point being mired in or around 8th spot.  If you’re gonna be bad, be very bad.

But oh yeah:  back to the Utah game.  LA – despite Swaggy P ‘n co. being happy – will struggle mightily in this one.
So… forgetabowd the Lakers, and just look forward to… umm… the draft?

And Kobe’s reaction to the celebration (with Jimmy Kimmel) was all-time classic Kobe.  Gold.