My picks for All NBA Teams…

Well, only games away from the end of the season.  End of season awards will soon be announced (LeBron almost sure to win his 3rd MVP), and that includes the All NBA teams. 
For the most part, it’s pretty clear-cut.  Generally speaking, the 1st team’s easy.  Almost.  Sports betting has it a certainty of LeBron/Durant/Kobe making the 1st team.  There’s some contention at the other guard spot… and I believe that there should be some contention at center.
Anyway… my teams:

First Team All-NBA
Guard: Russell Westbrook
Guard: Kobe Bryant
Forward: LeBron James
Forward: Kevin Durant
Center: Andrew Bynum

For all the panic surrounding Dwight Howard at the trade deadline, the Lakers and fans should be absolutely stoked that a deal never went through.  I think Bynum’s playing at a level on a par with Howard, and whilst Drew can be immature at times, none of his behavior could be considered as franchise-destroying as anything Howard’s undertaken this season.  Guy is an amazing basketball player… but a complete and utter flake.  Westbrook gets the nod ahead of several other highly-touted guards, no-one on his level tho’.  There are some that have had Love in the 1st team, ahead of Durant.  Despite the excellent season Kevin Love is having, would be stupid.

Second Team All-NBA
Guard: Rajon Rondo
Guard: Chris Paul
Forward: Kevin Love
Forward: LaMarcus Aldridge
Center: Dwight Howard

Whilst there’s altogether a very good chance that it is Bynum here rather than Howard, the level of play since the All Star break has been almost identical… yet with Howard the drama’s been there on a far grander scale.  Most seasons, Kevin Love would be a first team lock.  However, versus LeBron or Durant this season?  Sorry K-Love.  Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul find themselves in a similar position.  Almost epic seasons, but Westbrook/Bryant are better.

Third Team All-NBA
Guard: Tony Parker
Guard: Dwyane Wade
Forward: Pau Gasol
Forward: Dirk Nowitzki
Center: Marc Gasol

Tony Parker.  Other seasons, he’d be in 2nd or even 1st teams – but the reality of the NBA at the moment is that it is point guard heavy.  At the top end, it’s very competitive.  Pau Gasol and Dirk Nowitzki get the nod ahead of Blake Griffin (who just misses out), because other than some thunderous dunks, Griffin simply doesn’t have much to offer.  No jump shot to speak of, and almost a liability on defense – both of these guys are better options.  DeMarcus Cousins has also been great this year, but misses out on the strength of Marc Gasol‘s season.