Bloguin NBA-a-thon #1

There are quite a few “Blog Carnivals” around.  Celebrating a common thematic/sport, it’s an excellent way to cross-pollinate audiences.
Given the amount of NBA blogs on Bloguin, and the depth of quality within that group – a few decided to begin the Bloguin NBA Carnival, which will be named “Bloguin NBA-a-thon”.
Running the first one fell to me, so here goes.  And a note: most carnivals work with a specific thematic, that’ll be no different for this one!  Going with a look at numbers – this is #1, and seeing as someone’s looking to change his… perhaps LeBron needs a reminder that there are other numbers that deserve attention.
#00 Robert Parish
Mookie from A Stern Warning throws out a though-provoking piece on Sport.  It really strikes to the heart of why sport appeals to so many. 
#1 Oscar Robertson
The guys at HoopHeadsNorth take a walk on the wild side, and produce a video-blog discussing the Raptors, their road-trip… and Vince Carter.
#2 Rick Barry
A comparison of Brandon Jennings and Allen Iverson is Will Yoder’s contribution from Agent Dagger.
#3 Allen Iverson
TalkHoops.net‘s Zach Harper looks at why Rashard McCants is still unemployed.
#4 Charles Barkley
My own contribution (Don, With Malice…) is a look at #6 over #23, and the implications of such.
#5 Bill Walton
Mookie’s fellow Blazers-fan Sheed of Bust-a-Bucket hits us with a run-down on the impact of Travis Outlaw’s injury.

#6 Bill Russell
Spurs Blogger Michael De Leon (Project Spurs) looks at the Spurs somewhat fluid line-up of late, Nateand wonders should George Hill be starting for San Antonio…
#7 Nate Archibald
Mike R’s peeved.  Yes, there’s something about the fans at the Target Center that really bothers him.  The “Cheering for the Other Team” Target Center PhenomenomT-Wolves Blog.
#8 Marques Johnson
Jeff Fox from Hoops Manifesto gets all Julie Andrews on us, and compiled a list of his favourite dunks.
#9 Bob Pettit
Fantasy Hoops specialist blogger Erik of Points in the Paint explores the Elton Brand situation, and how Brand’s fantasy value will be determined in light of the injury to Marreese Speights.
#10 Walt Frazier
Statesman from Knicks Fanatics explores the state of play at the Knicks in Separating the Wheat & Chaff.

#11 Bob McAdoo
Ricky over at Sixers4Guidos has a look at Brandon Jennings, the bust.  Yes, that’s right: the BUST.

#12 John Stockton
You want fanatical?  Those Utah guys fit the bill – and The Agreement of True Blue Jazz explores what would be a blockbuster deal if it were to occur (Okur?): Boozer/Kirilenko for T-Mac/Battier.
#13 Wilt Chamberlain
The Nugg Doctor: happily picking the scabs of my wounds.  Nick Sclafani re-visits the Nuggets win over LA.
#14 Bob Cousy