Bloguin NBA MVP/RoY Voting… #1

Bloguin’s growing at an amazing rate, and there currently number 22 NBA blogs, with more slated to join.  It’s definitely a proactive community, and in line with that we’re going to start doing a monthly MVP/RoY ranking, based on the various bloggers’ votes. The following blogs took part in this first voting: With Malice…, TWolves Blog, Bust-a-Bucket, Stepien Rules, Agent Dagger, Hoops Manifesto, Talkhoops.net and Knicks Fanatics.
So, without further ado:

Of interest:
  • 4 players got top votes in this (voting was done 10-1 points)…
  • Tim Duncan & Chris Paul managed to get votes, even with being injured for quite a while.  Testament to their regard…
  • Lowest for the top 3: LBJ and Kobe managed to poll at 7th, ‘Melo at 6th.
  • Only 1 vote separated the those 3…
1. Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers) – All Kobe has done so far this year is lead the league in scoring and keep the Lakers near the top of the standings despite the fact that they’ve missed their second best player.  That and he’s kept ole’ Crazy Pills in line. Well… almost…Zach Harper (Talkhoops.net)

2. Carmelo Anthony (tied) (Denver Nuggets) – The Denver Nuggets are definitely one of the elite.  I know that a lot of people tie that to the addition of Chauncey Billups, but that would be to ignore the development and maturation of ‘Melo.  He’s the reason that the Nugz are a force to be reckoned with. - Don (With Malice…)
2. LeBron James (tied) (Cleveland Cavaliers) – He might win this award for the next 10 years. Gonna be pretty tough to take it away from him. – College Wolf (TWolves Blog)
4. Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns) – Let’s be honest; the Suns have no business being at the top of their conference. But Steve Nash is dissecting defense so well that there is little you can do to stop Eight Seconds Or Less (it’s not quite as fast as D’Antoni’s system). - Zach Harper (Talkhoops.net)
5. Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks) – Dirk’s doing pretty much what Dirk always does: hit shots and be a damn good player.  The big difference this season is that the rest of the Mavs are following him… and that makes him even better. - Don (With Malice…)
6. Joe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks) – Much like the Suns (out West), this team has no business being at the top of the Eastern Conference. That’s not to say they aren’t good. They just aren’t elite – unless Joe Johnson is playing basketball like this.Zach Harper (Talkhoops.net)
7. Dywane Wade (Miami Heat) – There’s a battle between a dying Jermaine O’Neal and Michael Beasley to see who is the second best player on this team. And the Heat are 9-5 this year. That’s because D-Wade is some sort of uber-great/existential hybrid of a god. - Zach Harper (Talkhoops.net)
8. Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic) – The Terminator… until he has to hit a free throw! – (Knicks Fanatics)
9. Kevin Durant (tied) (Oklahoma City Thunder) – Half of the USA still doesn’t even know who he is. - College Wolf (TWolves Blog)
9. Chris Bosh (tied) (Toronto Raptors) – Where did this early season statistical surge come from? He’s single-handidly keeping the Raptors alive. Extra credit to Bosh for the acquisition of Hedo being completely overplayed and overrated! - College Wolf (TWolves Blog)

Also getting votes were Paul Pierce, Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings, Brandon Roy, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, Danny Granger and Chris Kaman.
Of note:
  • Only 2 players scored top votes (Jennings/Evans)…
  • Those 2 finished waaaaaaaay ahead of the pack in votes (voting was 5-1 points)…
brandon_jennings1. Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee Bucks) – It’s hard to argue against him. The 55-point game was an official “I’m here” statement game even if it was against the least amount of team defense that has been played in the last 10 years. If he can keep his outside shot hitting like this, he’ll be impossible to contain. - Zach Harper (Talkhoops.net)
2. Tyreke Evans (Sacramento Kings) – He literally does it all and actually has the Sacto Queens winning games. I thought they were stupid to pass up Rubio, but Evans is proving any and every detractor wrong. – College Wolf (TWolves Blog)
3. Johnny Flynn (Minnesota Timberwolves) – On a steep learning curve with the triangle, but he’s handling it with aplomb. -  (Knicks Fanatics)
4. Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) – Managing to survive Don Nelson, and Monta’s mistrust.  Guy gets votes for that alone.  And that’s totally ignoring that Curry probably has the best basketball brain at the Dubs, on or off the court. - Don (With Malice…)
5. Ty Lawson (Denver Nuggets) – Has bumped Anthony Carter (who?) off the radar in Denver, and Lawson’s turning into more than just an option when George needs to rest Chauncey Billups. - Don (With Malice…) Also getting votes where James Harden, Omri Casspi, Darren Collison and Marcus Thornton.