All Time – Top 5 Golden State Warriors

mini-bugThe Philadelphia Warriors, the San Fransisco Warriors, the Golden State Warriors.  Certainly a fantastic franchise fallen on hard times for a long time.  Continuing with the task of selecting the top 5 for each and every team in the NBA, it’s time for Jessica Alba‘s favourite team.
So, without further ado, may I present the top 5 players of all time for the Golden State Warriors…
5. Joseph Franklin Fulks – “Jumpin’ Joe Fulks” played before the introduction of the shot clock – it was a time where the games were slow, and the scores were low. Even so, Fulks managed to average nearly 24 ppg – an amazing effort given most teams didn’t score 80 points per game. An incredible athlete with a phenomenal jump, Joe Fulks was one of the first players in the Hall of Fame.
4. Paul Joseph Arizin – 10 time All Star. 3 All NBA teams. Hall of Fame inductee. Arizin also lead the Warriors to their first NBA Title in 1956. Definitely one of the shining lights of what was the golden age for the Warriors franchise. Arizin lost two seasons in his prime due to service in the Korean War, but still ranks in the scoring top 25 of all time.

3. Nathaniel Thurmond – “Nate the Great” started as Wilt Chamberlain’s back up, but quickly graduated to playing alongside the Dipper, and immediately impacted games with 16.5 points and 18.1 rebound average. A Hall of Famer, Thurmond was the first player ever to record a quadruple double.
2. Richard Francis Dennis Barry III – Possessing uncanny accuracy, and perhaps unsurpassed court vision… and a now dead free throw shooting style (rumoured to be making a come-back!), Rick Barry was one of the best pure small forwards of all time.
The Hall of Fame Rick Barry had stints with the Warriors in both their San Fransisco incarnation and the Golden State Warriors guise. He brought home 7 All NBA teams (and 4 All ABA teams), 8 All Star teams for the NBA (4x All Star ABA), a Finals MVP and a Championship.
A living legend.

1. Wilton Norman Chamberlain – Few #1s are this easy.
For a team with so many historically great players as the Warriors, the Big Dipper is head and shoulders above his peers at this franchise.
Forget the Warriors, no-one in basketball has had quite the impact that Wilt had.
Described as “scary, flat-out frightening…” by reporters of the time, Chamberlain changed history time and time again in his time at the Warriors. His list of achievements is absolutely too long to list, suffice to say that there isn’t an NBA player who comes remotely close. If he were a character in a movie, we’d dismiss him as being to unrealistic. The man was – quite literally – larger than life.

Next up, the Houston Rockets…