Serge Ibaka & the Amazing Case of Daylight Robbery

Well… let me kick this off with stating that categorically, this was the best damn Dunk Contest we’ve had in years.  Very entertaining. 
But in terms of the best dunker winning the competition, yet again it was style over substance.
Look, don’t get me wrong: Blake Griffin’s dunks were great stuff – real showmanship.  But Javale McGee’s dunks had far greater impact, and were far more difficult.
Before you go saying “But Griffin jumped over a car!!!” – lemme say “No, he didn’t.”  He jumped over the front of a car.  And yes, there is a difference… at the same time recognizing that actually jumping OVER a car in the truest sense is physically impossible.  McGee’s 2 ball/2 hoops, his 3-ball, his behind-the-back-going-away dunks were all better than anything Griffin did… with the possible exception of Griffin’s 360.

And tell me something doesn’t reek of “what’s up with that?” when Blake Griffin has a Kia car (NBA sponsor) and choir lined up for his finale… c’mon guys: obvious or what?

The greatest misdeed of the competition?  This, was the best dunk of the event:

That this dunk only got a 45, when two guys on the judging panel tried and couldn’t do this dunk in their hey-day, is criminal.
Brent Barry tried, and was a good six inches past the line.  Dr J tried… and was even further over the charity stripe.  Hell, not even Michael Jordan’s FT dunk was behind the line!  Scottie Pippen came closer than any of them, and still stepped on the line.
Even tho’ each of these was hailed as “the real deal”, as “Free throw line dunk” – none of them were… yet Ibaka does it, and judges Brent Barry and Julius Erving are a party to giving this amazing dunk a 45. 

Shame guys, shame.