Blake Griffin: Dunks are BS.

Front page of ESPN: WHAM!  Dunk of the Night: Blake on Ibaka.  Except it wasn’t.  Griffin should have been called for an offensive foul on that play.

No clear view from that angle, but in all likelihood Griffin uses his off-hand to clear obstacles.  That’s his ‘modus operandi’.  Have a look at the supposed “Dunk of the Year” on Pau Gasol:

Griffin clearly uses the off-hand to push Gasol down – this one ended up basically strikes Gasol in the face with an elbow. That’s an offensive foul.
Additionally, look at the much-publicized dunk on Kendrick Perkins.  Foul.
The dunk on Channing Frye.  Another Foul.
Even the dunk on Mozgov is pretty bad.
Griffin’s dunk on then-Knick Gallinari was egregious – he actually grabs Gallinari’s attempt at a block, and pushes it aside… yet no foul called.  Look for yourself:

There’s no doubting that Blake Griffin‘s an amazing athlete, and that he does do some amazing dunks.  But as often as not, these high-flying aerialist dunks, are an example of how the NBA have become a slave to the hype.
Decide for yourself.