KG – Big Ticket, or big punk?

Think about it...Intensity in sports can be a good thing.  It can be drive.  It can be focus.  It can be quietly controlled anger. It can be the difference between a win and a loss.
It can also be the thing that ends up making you a complete ass.

Kevin Garnett finds himself somewhere in the vicinity of the last comment. If not ‘destination arrived’ yet, he’s at least in the area code.

Those last two sentences will evoke strong emotive reactions from some. “HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT???” “KG ROXORZ”.  I’ve probably ruined any chance of ever being welcomed in Boston (not that this’d ever be widely enough read to actually achieve that).
Don’t get me wrong… the Kevin Garnett of a few years ago was a perfect sportsman. Intense, focused, but never to the point of being worthy of a “punk act” label. Class act. Anyone who stated they hated KG at that time only hated him because of how good he was.  I was a fan.  One of my favourite players, I kid you not.
The swipe at Andrew Bogut was pure goon. See here for yourself – ball’s long gone, Bogut has just come down on top of him, and Garnett throws a hand into Bogut’s face. Not an act worthy of someone as storied as The Big Ticket.

His behavior post winning the championships last season wasn’t something we’d be encouraging our children to imitate. As a wise man once said to me: “…at least act like you’ve been there before, or are likely to be there again.” (thanks Dad)

Still, worse yet was his taunting of Jose Calderon.  Perhaps the most juvenile display I’ve seen from someone considered to be a superstar within his sport in many years.

Unbelievable. Indefensible, and unfathomable from someone of his stature.
Kevin Garnett is listed as 6’11”. One would think that he’d done all the growing up he could.
Apparently not.