There’s been a lot of talk over the last two days about the awful, crunching foul Andrew Bynum put on Gerald Wallace, a foul that resulted in Wallace with writhing in pain on the floor with broken ribs and a punctured lung.
“Bynum intentionally did that to break his ribs”
“Bynum’s a thug…”
“Andrew Bynum always does this…”
“The NBA should suspend him…”
Or likening the play to the WWE
Whilst I feel for Gerald Wallace, responses like that are ridiculous.  Nothing more.
Yes, Andrew Bynum was caught out of position.
Yes, he did crash into Wallace intentionally, stopping what would have been a sure dunk.  But to assert that it was either intentional, or that Bynum does the like with regularity is at best mistaken, and at worst duplicitious.
Larry Brown didn’t think so, telling the Charlotte Observer
“That kid waited at our bus, trying to get to Gerald, and he apologized to me.  If he had a history of that (rough play), I might feel different, but I just think it was a hard foul.”
The knee-jerk responses like Rick Bonnell treated us to are ridiculous, and pro-sports writers should know better.  Yes, it’s your team, but someone who gets paid to write should be able to divorce feeling from reality, and give a more balanced account.
It was a hard foul, but hard fouls happen in basketball – that’s not to excuse what Bynum did.  He should know better, and this should serve as a learning experience for him.  He’s a big guy, he has a responsibility to those on the court  to play accordingly – and not just towads those on his team.  But injuries happen in sport.  Simply a reality.  Bynum isn’t a thug, and he didn’t do this intentionally.  The focus should be on Wallace, and his health.  Hoping he gets better soon – he’s a very good player and an integral part of the Bobcats team.
Bynum’s foul was upgraded by the NBA from a flagrant 1 to a flagrant 2.