Dwight Plays Nice: Announces He Wants to “Finish Season With Magic”. But I don’t buy it…

So a smiling Dwight Howard announces post a win against the Evil Empire Miami Heat:

“Well, I told those guys, I’ve been telling them for the past two or three weeks now that I want to stay and finish the season. I told them I feel we have a great opportunity to win and I told them that I want to be here and I want to bring a championship here. I told them they’ve got to give me that chance. They didn’t trade me at the beginning of the season and I told them I’d go out and play as hard as I could every night to put our team in a position to win.”

Really?  Well, I for one am not buying what he’s selling.
This new stance after earlier in the day we’ve been reading that maybe Rich DeVos is wavering on not trading him, and that a deal with the Brooklyn (nee New Jersey) Nets was appearing almost imminent.  The deal was reported to be looking like Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks… plus other bits ‘n’ pieces.

Why on earth would Dwight be keen on that, when he can leave in the off-season and have his new team lose absolutely nothing?
Honestly, even with Dwight Howard and Deron Williams, the New Brooklyn Jersey Nyets would be a less-than-stellar team.  That is, unless they can finangle some way to get some other pieces around them. 
Hey!  Perhaps they’d be able to DO that if Howard could convince Orlando now that there’s no reason to trade him!!!

Ok, call me cynical, but in a post-Decision world, anything goes. 
Or maybe I’m giving Howard far too much credit for being incredibly devious.