NBA Qs – Feb 21st Edition

New week, more Qs from Jeff Fox of Hoops Manifesto.  More answers from Don/Rob.

1) The Carmelo Anthony trade rumours are swirling once again, but what isn’t being talked about is “is Melo worth all of this trouble and fuss”?

Don: And by “all this trouble and fuss”, you’d have to consider that most teams will have to gut their franchise to own him. Hell, I agree with the premise that Donnie Walsh has: if we just WAIT, he’ll come to us of his own volition! It’s amusing that Melo’s ego might make it whatever team he ends up on, not able to compete.
Rob: First off, great question. Melo continues to put up big numbers despite the distractions of the trade talks – though most of these distractions are of his own making. But all of this trouble and fuss? No, I think not. Move on…

2) The list of names being considered for entry into the Hall of Fame are being announced this weekend and Reggie Miller’s name isn’t on it – fair or unfair?
Don: No Miller-time? How in the world can that not be? When I read it, I almost gagged. The process needs to come under direct scrutiny if they can miss so badly… like Reggie Miller never did.
Rob: Perplexing is closer to it. I think Reggie belongs in the HOF, and so does Don Nelson. I think the process and lack of any kind of transparency is unfair. Of the finalists announced I think Ralph Sampson belongs in the Hall of Very Good and the Hall of Good Guys. I’m not sure I take him over Reggie.

3) Which player taking place in this weekend’s Rookie-Sophomore Game is most likely to play in the main All-Star Game next year? Or will none of them make the big game next year?
Don: Well… Griffin’s a no-brainer, huh? Given he’s already there this season – first rookie since Yao… and Yao wasn’t even really a rookie.
Rob: Blake Griffin for sure. John Wall would have to play out of his skin and hope that the PG stocks in the East take a bit of a decline.

4) Game of the Week – pick the winner – Thurs Feb 24th – Miami @ Chicago.
Don: Going with the Bulls in this one.
Rob: Bulls at home again.

Going with the Bulls in this one.