Nearly there: MVP/RoY Rankings

mini-bugThe end’s in sight, and the awards are starting to appear with a bit more clarity.  I’m not entirely happy with the order, but it is what it is.  No denying reality here.  Damnit.
1 LeBron James – Clearly, this has been – yet again – LeBron’s year.  This is one piece of hardware that he’ll take home.  Question is, can he get anything to put up on the mantle with it?  Until the answer to that is ‘yes’, then he’ll always be 2nd to #24.  No amount of changing jersey numbers will change that.
2 Kevin Durant – The Durantula’s got OKC thundering along.  All despite some hideous footwear.
3 Kobe Bryant – King of Clutch, Kobe’s performance this season has gotten LA some W’s that they had no right in taking.
4 Dirk Nowitzki – Dallas has been on an amazing run.  Yes, a large part of that has been Kidd’s rejuvenation, but Dirk’s the reason they’ve been up near the top for the entire season.
5 Deron Williams – Yes, Boozer’s playing well, but Deron Williams is the man behind Utah’s renaissance.
6 Carmelo AnthonyStill not 100% convinced that Melo’s the best player on his own team… but there’s no denying his impact.
7 Dwyane Wade – Statistically, it’s all there.  But until D-Wade has better pieces around him “statistically good” is all he has.
8 Dwight Howard – Howard has to be the “go to guy” in the end of games before he’ll rise.  Oh… and dump the 330 pound gorilla on his back.
9 Andrew Bogut – Jennings has been good this season, remarkably so.  But it’s Bogut who has the Bucks climbing to 5th in the East.
10 Steve Nash – Nash is flat-out amazing.  Honestly.  Guy’s like… ancient (he & I share the same birthday – I’m pretty sure he actually taught Cousy how to hoop), yet every game, he gets it done.  What’s the bet that if Amare leaves PHX, he looks no where near as good – a la Shawn Marion?

1 Tyreke Evans – Curry/Jennings aren’t that far behind, but like LeBron laying claim to the MVP, this award is Evans’ to lose.
2 Stephon Curry – I’d only separate Curry/Jennings by a mere hair, but there’s no denying Curry has the greater impact on his team.  Thus the nod at 2nd.
3 Brandon Jennings – Of all the rookies on my list, this guy will goes to the playoffs with the greatest chance of his team making some real noise.
4 Darren Collison – Collison’s really established himself as worthy of a starting spot.  Only question is: will NOLA trade him and allow him that opportunity.  Chris Paul sure as hell isn’t going anywhere.
5 Jonny Flynn – JUST gets the nod ahead of other notables…