[expletive deleted] David Stern

I went on record yesterday as to how I felt about the possibilities facing the LA Lakers this off season. 


“…if NOLA were to bite on a deal with Gasol as the centerpiece, then it would be a possibility… but my gut tells me that it’s going to be an either/or deal. Not both. Either way, I kinda think I’d prefer a Howard/Gasol/Bryant key three rather than a Howard/Bryant/Paul.”

Kinda glad I put that out there, because it allows me to state with 100% certainty that the anger I feel is not because I’m a Lakerfan, but because I believe that what David Stern did was flat out wrong.  

But this has huge implications…
I am concerned that Stern feels this is an ok move. 3 GMs agreed to this, including the one appointed by the league to run the team they own.  Up until this point in time, the NBA had not taken one ounce of action on any of the day to day workings of the New Orleans Hornets, including trades. 
To nix it because some other teams were upset (I wonder if Dan Gilbert’s letter was typed in Comic Sans?) about it is interference.  No two ways about it.  It’s alarming that they hold so much sway over the Commissioner’s office.
Why would the Clippers or anyone else make a “better” offer for Chris Paul when they know that at least one offer (from the Lakers) has been blocked? 
This has huge implications for all of the NBA.  I doubt this is over… I don’t think this is finished yet.

And where the fuck was Stern when LeBron/Wade/Bosh went to Miami? How come Melo could do exactly what Paul wanted to do… only with less going back the other way?  Hell, even go back to Gasol himself coming to LA!
You opened this door David, you can’t shut it half-way now because you’re having misgivings.