Danny Ainge: Cunning Like a Fox, Crazy Like a Fox or Dumb as Dirt?

Rob – Brumbygg as some know him – often writes his thoughts here.  He’s a long-time friend of mine, and across the years we’ve butted heads on only one thing: he’s a Boston Celtics fan, and as any here know – I’m hardcore purple ‘n’ gold.  Still, friendship abides.  Here’s his take on the latest to go down in Beantown…

If Kendrick Perkins plays in Game 7 of the 2011 NBA Finals Boston raises banner #18 to open this season. When Perk went down in Game 6 every Celtics fan knew that we were up against it.

Knowing that Perk would be out until February the signing of the O’Neals and bringing in Semih Erden all made sense. Additional injuries and lack of impact made us all realise how much we were looking forward to Perk getting back into the rotation.

And then I woke up this morning to learn that K-Perk had been traded to OKC along with Nate Robinson for F Jeff Green, C Nenad Krstic and a 1st round pick in the 2012 draft. My initial reactions in order were: WTF?; shock; seriously WTF?; and has Danny lost the plot?

My initial reactions aside, there are very good reasons why Danny Ainge is doing the job he is doing and I am not… Perk has had a rough patch with his knees and was rumoured to be playing hardball over contract talks, while Nate sees pretty limited minutes. Green is young and athletic and will see some minutes behind Paul Pierce. Krstic will see some reasonable minutes at C, but I’m guessing Danny and Doc are counting on Shaq filling that gap for the remainder of this year. If JO’N makes it back on the court you’ll most likely see Shaq, JO’N and Krstic platooning at C. Of course, while the trade deadline has passed there may well be other signings before we get to the pointy end of things.

The unknown in this is just how hard a line Perk was taking on contract talks. If the team either didn’t think they could get it done this year without making a change or would struggle to re-sign him then you have to pull the trigger on this deal.

On balance I think the Celtics improved slightly on talent with the trade. But what about “chemistry”? Will this shake things up a little and provide a boost or cause disharmony?

I’m going to give Danny some time on this one before I commit. I’m hoping in a few months we’ll be calling him a genius after we hoist #18 and he wins another exec of the year award.
And something that might interest only me: ex-Celtic, Leon Powe was waived by the Cavs.