Rank Isiah, but recognize Steph

Alrighty then…
Whilst I agree with the general premise that Steph Curry has been placed too high too early, there is no denying the impact he has had upon the game. And even tho’ I absolutely agree with the thought process that has him below Isiah Thomas, some people (that meme for example) are getting way too dismissive.

The above meme compares him to a Hall of Famer that is one of the 50 greatest players ever, and he compares well – even tho’ he’s only really started to light it up over the past 2 seasons (including this one), which is amazing.

Like it or not, Steph Curry has changed the way the game’s played – or rather, Golden State has – and he’s the driving force there. In actual fact, he’s changed it even more than LeBron – because it’s impossible for a team to emulate what LeBron does, and other teams know that. They look at Curry physically… and don’t *see* anything special, even tho’ what he can do sometimes belies description. So the league’s going small.

Now… that’s not to say I’d rank him as highly as ESPN. No way is he there *yet*. He’d have to do it for a few more years, and then some, before I’d have him above Zeke… but his trajectory is incredible, and what he’s done is amazing.

ESPN is very much a *whathaveyoudoneformelately* site, check the position of Blake Griffin in the 100 best of all time, the fact that Chris Bosh (ahead of Yao Ming???), James Harden, Marc Gasol and… KEVIN LOVE are all in the count.
Take those rankings with a grain of salt, but be prepared for a very high ranking for Steph Curry – but even so, appreciate that what he’s doing is historical.