Rob’s World: NBA Playoffs!

No more regular season, it’s time to get down to business. At this time of the year everyone is a expert and, let’s face it, none more so than yours truly, Rob (better known here as Brumbygg)… ok, that was ever-so-slightly tongue in cheek!
Here is one man’s thoughts on the excitement that is the NBA playoffs. I expect Don to have his own posted here soon enough.
The Beasts From the East
The East doesn’t go very deep this year. The top 3 seeds are legitimate chances to go on to represent the East in the NBA finals, but the rest are there simply because the top 8 teams get to keep playing. Not a lot of interest in any of the first round match ups.
cle(66-16) v det (39-43)
Don’t bother setting the Tivo for this one folks, it’s 4 and out here.
The LeBron’s move into the 2nd round in 4 straight. How’s that trade for AI looking now, Joe?
bos(62-20) v chi (41-41)
KG gets to ease back into this series. Big Baby and Leon Powe have done a great job in his extended absence and can certainly the Bulls here. The World’s Greatest Player has had another good season and he will come up big when needed.
Sugar Ray and Eddie “Paint My” House provide more than enough of an outside threat.
Celtics win in 5.
orl(59-23) v phi (41-41)
76 might be as many points as the Sixers manage in any one game in this series. Too much Superman from the Magic, too little talent from the Sixers.
Magic in 5.
atl(47-35) v mia (43-39)
The most interesting matchup of the first round in the East. In the end it will come down to too much D-Wade.
Heat take it in 7.

The Best of the West
LA(65-17) v (48-34)
The Lakers juggernaut is gathering momentum and they will have way too much for the Jazz in this one.
I like the Jazz to take a couple at home though, Lakers in 6.
den(54-28) v nor(49-33)
This is probably the best series of the first round.
There are no free rides in the West, but the Nuggets can count themselves unlucky to catch the Hornets in the first round.
This one has the look of an upset to me….. sorry Nuggets fan, Hornets in 7.
sas(54-28) v dal (50-32)
To paraphrase Matthew McConaughey in the classic Dazed and Confused: “…these two sides keep getting older, and the chicks they just stay the same age…”
This is Mickey Rooney against Dick Van Dyke… Larry Holmes and Buster Douglas… me and Don… basically two old cranky guys past their prime holding on for one more shot at glory.
The Spurs hold on in 6 to keep the dream alive, prompting Mark Cuban to sign Magic, Kareem and James Worthy to lead them into the 2nd round next year.
por(54-28) v hou(53-29)
Trail Blazers threaten to sue any team that beats them in the playoffs this year.
The threat isn’t needed against the Rockets who continue to post bagels in the playoffs.
Trail Blazers in 6.
Beyond the first…
Round 2
LeBrons def Heat 4-1
Celtics def Magic 4-3
Lakers def Trail Blazers 4-1
Spurs def Hornets 4-3
Conference Finals
LeBrons def Celtics 4-2
Lakers def Spurs 4-1
Sorry Don, but this is the year of the LeBrons. The NBA’s best player (though not the world…) leads Cleveland to the promised land, condemning the Lakers to another 6 game loss. Shaq kicks back in the desert somewhere telling his TV how Kobe ain’t nothin’ without him.
The great thing about all this is that opinions are like a$%#holes, everyone has one and no ne needs a second one.
Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on the playoffs and seeing a few games when  TV schedules and work are in perfect alignment.