Nashing it up

So, December 9th has been declared “Steve Nash Day” by the inestimable Suns blogger, Phx Stan (from over at Bright Side of the Sun).  And whilst Nash definitely plays for one of the many teams that could be considered an “enemy” of LA’s, I am a fan of Steve Nash.
Given that I’m in Japan, and it’s going to hit December 9th a helluva lot earlier here than most places, it’s only fitting I kick this thing off.  Why only fitting?  Well, Steve Nash and I were both born on February 7th.
Ok then… what to write?  That’s the thing – yeah, I like Nash ‘n’ all, but there are going to be HEAPS of laurels laid at his feet today – and by people far more able to sing his praises as a player… so that’s what I’ll do: stick to what I know.
So here’s a haiku dedicated to Steve Nash.
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