Groundhog Day: Yet Another Draft Prediction

Boy am I sick of ‘Mock Drafts’ at the moment… but like any good hypocrite the reason is because mine is right and theirs is wrong so without further ado, with one week to go here’s my Mock…

1. Kyrie Irving. Personally I’m not convinced and if there was ever a year to trade the #1 pick this is it. Heck if Indiana offered me Danny Granger I’d take it. It’s not that Irving is bad – he isn’t – but he’s not, imo, a player who in 5 years we’ll be talking about on par with the surrounding years #1 picks.
I bet if Jared Sullinger nominated the Cavs would have already declared their intent to draft him via a press conference… That’s where it’s at.

2. Derrick Williams. This depends largely on what the Wolves can get for Beasley or for the Williams pick. If either are half decent offers then Williams gets picked.
BUT if the ceiling of the offers is JaVale McGee then I think the Wolves draft Kanter. He’s NBA ready, not afraid to bang, has range, and can still develop.

3. Enes Kanter.  I fail to understand the Brandon Knight obsession.
Knight is great but my feeling is that if Irving is better (long and short term) then Knight is not a PG of the future especially for a team that demands a point guard run offense. Kanter on the other hand fills two major needs in Utah – size and skin color…

4. Jan Vesely. Valanciunas in nice, Montejunas is good too but Vesely is the player in this draft with the highest ceiling. He’s athletic, tall, he hustles, and has a high IQ.
The only suspect part of his game is his shooting from distance which, from all reports, is a very minor mechanical adjustment. If this is the case then the strength and shooting are worth it because when he does get them right you’re looking at a young AK47. This pick changes if the Cavs can get a suitor for Hickson – in which case Valanciunas goes here.

5. Jonas Valanciunas. Raptors need a legit C. Valanciunas is worth the wait because let’s face it: Toronto are lottery bound next year anyway so why not let Valanciunas wait O/S and then bring him in more mature along with another top 5 pick.
Big V is also a legit 7 footer who can play pick n roll very well so teamed with a half decent PG he can play executable offense straight up.

6. Kawhi Leonard. Washington would really love a big here but in truth Leonard is the best fit for them now.
Rashard is on the way out and Leonard can be a good glue guy/role player coming off the bench first season. In this draft, you can’t ask for more than that.

7. Brandon Knight. Walker is a shooting PG – the Kings already have a very adept shooting PG, so what they really need is a pass-first PG and Knight fits that to a tee.
He’s also a good kid which may rub off on Cousins/Evans. My other option here was Tristan Thompson – a legit defensive 4 which would go nicely alongside Cousins for a future frontline. However Knight has too much upside so I think he goes here.

8. Tristan Thompson. This was easy with Greg Monroe already in place, Thompson should complement nicely and is a contrasting alternative to Charlie “I can rebound from the 3 point line if the ball gets out here” Villaneuava.
Though I am calling a trade here for ANYTHING that involves offloading Hamilton/Charlie V.

9. Marcus Morris. I want to say Biyombo or Vucevic here because they fit a need for Charlotte but Charlotte also need to cash in on a pick for once rather than constantly swinging for the fences.
Morris can play the 3/4 spots and has a high IQ which Charlotte desperately need. He’s a player who, no matter what, will have a 12 year career purely due to his work ethic and ability to play different roles.

10. Klay Thompson. I think Alec Burks is dreaming if he’s going here – Thompson is a prodigious talent who is smart to boot.
A 6’6 PG? Yes please!
Jennings aside, Thompson also has a sweet stroke and plays D so he’s fits their 2 guard needs as well.

11. Kemba Walker. Walker is my slider pick for this year just because he doesn’t do anything well for his size/position.
I see a Ben Gordon clone but even more lacking in height than Gordon – this is not good even for the Warriors… BUT he is a trade chip for other teams and the Warriors need to get assets if they’re going to get Iggy/Deng/DeRozan.

12. Jimmer Fredette. This is a dream scenario for Utah who will go 3 for 3 on white people in the last 2 drafts.
But in all seriousness Fredette will fit in beautifully in Utah and give them a marksman they haven’t had since Kyle Korver left.