Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown!! GO THE DUNK INVENTOR!!!

It kills me that there’s no NBA, and yes: I get that it’d be the off-season now, but there’s nothing at all: no trades, no movement, nothing.  And it looks as if we might have to put up with exactly that for quite a while to come.  

Fortunately, there’s still hoops to be found.  There are the various summer leagues, and of course there’s the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown.

The LA Showdown turned out to be one of the best dunk contests of all-time and the dunker that came out victorious was none other than Kenny Dobbs aka “The Dunk Inventor“.
With millions of Youtube views to his name, Dobbs wanted to show that he’s not a “video dunker” that needs multiple tries and video editing to showcase his skills. He pulled out some pretty wicked variations of all the past dunk contest winners – from jumping over somebody while covering his eyes to going between the legs over multiple people.  Check it out for yourself:

California is also represented by two other dunkers that won the Online Submission part of the contest.  AirDogg from LA – known for appearing in music videos and commercials like the last Sprite one with LeBron James, and the wickedly-hopping lil’ guy: 5’11 Exile from Sacramentio.

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