Another SOL REPUBLIC Headphones/With Malice GIVEAWAY

SOL REPUBLIC gave me a set of their Master Tracks headphones to 'test-drive'… and I have to say, I'm most impressed.  I have a pair of Dead Mau5, and they're good… but they don't come close to the textured sound the Master Tracks deliver.  The ear cushioning, the pivot system, the size of the speakers… […]

The Greatness of Kobe Bryant

Ok, forget asking for a moment why the Lakers get themselves into situations like this… and ask: has Kobe Bryant ever been any better?    

Who’s old?

This… was sick.   Puts a bit of an exclamation mark on the game… Who?  Kobe?  OLD??? Oh yeah… .500 baby! (never thought that's something I'd get excited about… but here we are)

Happy Birthday Steve Nash!!!

Well… in Japan it's February 7th, 2013.  So officially it's Steve Nash's birthday here.  Also… my birthday.  For me, he's one of the most famous people to share this date (well… along with Sir Thomas More, Charles Dickens and Buster Crabbe), and for him to end up at the Lakers is kinda nice. So, "O […]

So… which Lakers are these?

It's getting damn difficult to predict which LA team will turn up on a nightly basis.  Will it be the Lakers that looked fantastic within a win over the Oklahoma City Thunder?  Or will it be the Lakers that showed up for a loss vs the somewhat depleted Toronto Raptors… Hell, last week in the […]

Destination LA Lakers: Are We There Yet?

Ok.  I get it.  Yes, where the LA Lakers currently find themselves (an unbelievable 4 games below .500, an unimaginable 3 games out of 8th position, in 12th within the Western Conference) sucks.  Yes, for the vast majority of the time thus far this season, that verbiage (sucks) could be used to describe the Lakers… […]

#24, 30k.

Well done Kobe Bryant! Only the fifth player to score 30,000 points – and the fastest ever to do so.

LA Lakers. The Sky is Not Falling. Yet.

Some thoughts on LA at the moment… – Dwight Howard's still not quite 'Dwight'. He's far better than he was at the start of the season, but he's still not 'there' (wherever that destination is). – He (Dwight) needs to shut-up. You can talk about "wanting a ring", but hit your goddamn FTs and hit […]

Wait… Phil Jackson?

. Ok, not breaking news any more re. Mike Brown being fired, and I guess it’s no surprise that the rumor mill is firing up massively as to who will be his replacement.  ESPN reports that Phil Jackson is open to a return to the NBA, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak told reporters Friday afternoon that […]

Lakers Fire Mike Brown

.Mike Brown booted from the LA Lakers” class=”caption” />From all accounts, Mike Brown’s one helluva guy.  A really, really nice guy – liked by pretty much all and sundry.  However, being a ‘nice guy’ doesn’t win games.  Hard working too.  And whilst it’s a sure bet that the players liked Mike Brown and respected his […]

Looking Ahead for the Lakers

.Whilst the Lakers haven’t had an especially auspicious start to the season, there’s little reason to panic.  To do so would be absolutely foolish with a roster as loaded as this one so obviously is. A healthy and dominating Dwight Howard, Metta World Peace hitting corner threes again and Steve Nash learning the ropes it […]

LA Lakers: How we doin’?

. Recently on a basketball forum, I was asked a few questions in relation to the Lakers.  And they did indeed make me think long and hard about the potential hurdles LA’s premier sports franchise will face in the coming season… – Is one ball going to be enough? – Can 3 guys who are […]

Pau Gasanimal!!


LA Stories…

.Summertime… and the livin’ is easy. At least, that’s what Lakerfans have to be hearing at the moment.  Because, oh boy, what a summer that was.  Mitch Kupchak stated at the start of the off-season that he was out looking to hit a home-run, and I think it’s more than fair to say he did […]