Rank Isiah, but recognize Steph

Alrighty then… Whilst I agree with the general premise that Steph Curry has been placed too high too early, there is no denying the impact he has had upon the game. And even tho’ I absolutely agree with the thought process that has him below Isiah Thomas, some people (that meme for example) are getting […]

LA Lakers: weighing up the past

The coming NBA season marks the what is – in all likelihood – the final year of Kobe Bryant.  It’ll cost the Los Angeles Lakers a total of $25 million for the pleasure, but indications from Kobe (via Mitch Kupchak) have been that this will be his last.  Would I bet on this?  Well… no […]

Los Angeles Lakers Preview

The Lakers have been a sleeping giant in the Western Conference the past two seasons, playing well below their franchise standards. The Lakers, who are used to setting the pace in the West, have been snuffed during free agency, leaning on the brittle body of Kobe Bryant, and fielding a lineup of relative unknowns. It’s […]

Where’s Lamar Odom Now?

Four years ago, Lamar Odom was a pretty big name in the NBA. He was the 6th man of the year for the Los Angeles Lakers, and he was a big part of two championship teams. The versatile forward was also making a name for himself as a celebrity, as he married into the Kardashian family and was […]

Let’s pick the NBA All-Star teams

All-Star 2015 is edging nearer as the NBA season is almost over, and we need to pick our squads for the East and the West. The people have been voting for their choices picking some predictable choices and losing out on quite a few good ones. We will know the representatives for the All-Star game […]

And the winner is… (SOL REPUBLIC headphones giveaway)

So, the winner of the With Malice SOL Republic Headphone giveaway is user B R, for his comment: Riding my bike in the mountains of Japan, listening to Boris Brejch`s latest mix, music and body become one. B R, you need to contact me (via

Awesome SOL REPUBLIC Headphones Holiday Giveaway!!!

To celebrate the opening of the NBA Season & the upcoming holiday season, SOL REPUBLIC and With Malice are having a free headphone giveaway! A great pair of RELAYS (in-ear-3-button headphones) in the fantastic Lemon Lime color set could be yours… just tell me in 20 or fewer words what you would wear your RELAYS […]

Return of the King

Circle’s complete, the grown man heads back home.  The Miami Heat are now in recovery mode, and in all likelihood will be where the Cleveland Cavaliers were last season: battling for one of the final playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.  As far as Miami goes, their arrogance that got them the Big Three (and […]

Melo/Heat? Won’t happen…

Well… it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post here (largely due to ‘stuff-in-real-life’), but there’s lots to talk about and I find myself with a few spare minutes. First up… the thought that Melo might end up at the Heat.  Well, ok.  Worth entertaining… but I think it’s nigh on an impossibility. […]

LeBron James… gets it.

It's no secret that I've been a critic of LeBron James over the years, there have been no shortage of anti-LBJ diatribes here: but I gotta say, I'm now a bit of a fan.  I know when I decided to try appreciate him, I'm not sure when it happened – becoming fully appreciative of the […]


The way the Lakers have played this season, and the way the fans have reacted, has had me thinking about 'passion'… and the differing levels of fandom. Something that I find interesting, is the fandom expressed by College fans as compared to their NBA counterparts.  The NBA fan (in general) doesn't define themselves by being […]

SOL REPUBLIC Headphones/With Malice GIVEAWAY

Want these? Thought you might.  Well, With Malice in conjunction with SOL REPUBLIC are giving you the chance to win a pair of awesome looking SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD Anthem headphones!  All you have to do is: In the comment section, state which basketball team you follow, and why you love your team! It really […]

NBA Christmas uniforms…


Dude! That was Roy Hibbert! Gangnam Style!!!

.Gotta give it up to Roy Hibbert.  This is the coolest thing I’ve seen an NBA player do in a very, very long time.   Rock it out Roy.  Winning fans left, right & center.  Even Lakerfans.