Christmas Cards, and Christmas wishes…

Well, Christmas arrives in Japan quite a few hours before much of the world, and for most of the morning I’ll be watching my 2 year old open the presents for what’s basically the first Christmas he understands… And I’ve been busy wrapping said presents – but in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I’d […]

Christmas Posts – running thread

I’m sure there’s going to be a veritable cornucopia of Christmas posts, so I’ll be keeping track of them here: First up is Tas & JE at The Basketball Jones – on offer?  An NBA-themed Carolling… A really nice rendition of “The Night Before Christmas” at Extra Bases… Merry Christmas from The Perth Wildcats, via […]

A vote for me is… well… a vote for me!

As mentioned before, Bloguin is holding their blog-awards.  It’s pretty huge – when you consider that there are over 100 blogs involved.  I’ve been nominated for “Best Basketball Blog” and “Best Blogger”.  I’d really like your help to do as well as I can possibly do… SCREW THAT!!  I WANT TO WIN! Help me fulfill […]

Happy Birthday Bloguin/Bloguin Awards!

Amazing… I joined Bloguin almost a year ago (my starting date at the network was Dec 1st, 2008) – it was but a small network numbering around 10 blogs, with big aspirations.  Now Bloguin’s a year old, and it numbers 100 blogs, and is growing every day.  Incredible stuff. In celebration of that auspicious growth, […]

D-Good tries to take a nap

Damn… Mother Theresa? You had to go there??? From the weird ‘n’ whacky guys at GSF!

Bloguin Portal

Bloguin’s got it’s very own news portal – the best of Bloguin up daily in one spot, linking to all the best of Bloguin sites!

Spread Offense

Darnell Goodman.  D-Good.  Haven’t seen the brother-from-another-mother for a while, but it’s good to hear from him. D-Good’s a staple over at GSF.  I know, not NBA… but D-Good’s easily my fave over at GSF.

7/25 Blogsifting

Midst of rainy season in Japan, and it’s a nasty day here.  Wet, humid.  Ugh. So, still a pretty busy time in the sports world – NBA off-season has been the busiest in living memory, and Portland’s latest signing pleases me.  A little over $7 million a year to Andre Miller leaves little cash to […]

7/18 Blogtrippin’

It’s been a pretty busy time in my life of late, won’t bore you with details tho’.  Suffice to say, it’ll be a bit slow & easy for the next few weeks. Time to push a few stories that have been quite interesting over the last few days… Some interesting tips for Blazers-fans from A […]

LA wins with the Playmaker Slamdown on Denver!

Well… at least LA won something on Memorial Day! Live from the Staples Center. All in a bit of fun I guess… and Vince McMahon could be accused of many things, but being a poor business man is not one of them!

Blog Trippin’…

Sheesh… a day or so late on this, and will write more later about the state-of-being in the Conference Finals, but AMAZING, huh?  Every game has been tight.  I cannot remember BOTH Conference Finals being THIS closely contested!  Anyway, here’s some of what’s out there that you could/should check out! The guys at T-Wolves Blog […]

Blog Trippin’…

It’s Friday again (at least… it is for me!), thus time to share with you what’s worthy of your time around the traps… Is Ricky Rubio ready?  Apparently, Rudy Fernandez isn’t sure… The guys over at Puns (good-humouredly, they assure us!) take a shot at Big Baby Glen Davis! The Curse of Cleveland break down […]

Blog Trippin’…

Being part of a very large network (and sheesh… hasn’t it grown fast!), it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with stuff.  But I’m tryin’! Here’s some stuff (but by no means all…) from the past week that is worth a look: the guys at Detroit4lyfe put their trust in Joe Dumars… Bust a Bucket’s CDub […]

Jesus on Jeter

Ok… not NBA, but every now ‘n’ then I do sports.  And we’ve talked about D-Good since his college days (wink-wink!).  So only right that we give his lil’ buddy some air… From our friends over at the GSF!