Thinking on LeBron Raymone James…

Just thought I’d share some ruminations on LeBron…

Firstly, I have to admit that when he first came to prominence, I was a fan. I thought he was an amazing basketballer, and he came across as a pretty nice guy. With time tho’, I found that this was eroded somewhat. Yes, he’s still an amazing basketballer (for my money, currently the best in the NBA), but I found that I felt LeBron was immature, petulant, egotistical and a bit of a jerk.

But if I’m completely honest, those are all labels that could apply to probably 80% of the NBA. If not more.
The guy’s still young, and still coming into who he is as a person as well as a player – and with more honesty, those are all labels that Kobe wore (probably more deservedly so than LeBron) at the same age. I think Kobe’s come a long way since his mid-to-late twenties… or at least has become more aware of how he’s perceived. There’s every chance that LeBron becomes more adept at dealing with perceptions too (and perceptions are the key word here).
And the pressure that’s going to be on LeBron to achieve a title is going to be enormous in the next season… or rather, whenever the next season ends up occurring. After the last season, nothing short of a ring is going to stop the flow of criticism. And heaven help him if he does win, yet plays anything less than amazingly. For if he wins, and Wade gets the Finals MVP, then the criticism won’t stop – it’ll just change a little.

I for one am going to try to be less critical of him. It’s something I’ve oft-pointed out to the anti-Kobe crowd: you’re missing out on some amazing basketball if you focus too much on your hate. I’m definitely not as rabid as some are in the way I’ve regarded LeBron, but it’s not been positive.
I think focusing less on what I don’t like about LeBron and looking more towards simply enjoying basketball will be a good thing for me. No reason I can’t be a Laker fan and enjoy LeBron’s basketball.
It’s gonna be hard… but I’m gonna try.

That is… when the goddamn season actually starts.