Return of the King

Circle’s complete, the grown man heads back home.  The Miami Heat are now in recovery mode, and in all likelihood will be where the Cleveland Cavaliers were last season: battling for one of the final playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.  As far as Miami goes, their arrogance that got them the Big Three (and […]

Melo/Heat? Won’t happen…

Well… it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post here (largely due to ‘stuff-in-real-life’), but there’s lots to talk about and I find myself with a few spare minutes. First up… the thought that Melo might end up at the Heat.  Well, ok.  Worth entertaining… but I think it’s nigh on an impossibility. […]

A Year On Since The Passing Of Jerry Buss

Most of you will remember very well the shock that we had almost a year ago today when the news  that Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss had passed away due to his fight with cancer. The news was brought with such sadness due to the man that he was and what he had achieved […]

The Great Kareem

In 1989 when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar left the game at the age of 42, no player had ever played in more All-Star Games, logged more seasons, blocked more shots, scored more points, or won more Most Valuable Player Awards in NBA history. With a momentous list of team and personal accomplishments to his credit, it is […]

Turmoil? In LA? Err…

ESPN published their "NBA Turmoil Rankings", and post reading it two things spring to mind. 1. How desperate are they for news that they create a "Turmoil Rankings" piece!  Dear god, World-Wide Leader: actually do some *reporting*! 2. How on earth are they measuring this?     Some stuff leaps out: first of all, LA […]

Lakers. Playoffs this year?

The LA Lakers.  NBA's premier franchise.  Sure, you can put Boston up there too… but since NBA/ABA merger, not a single franchise has been as successful as the one in purple 'n gold.  But anyone could be forgiven for thinking there be tough times ahead, at least in the short term.     Thus far: […]

The LA Lakers – Wherefore Art Thou Now?

  Well… that didn't quite work out the way we all expected.  Dwight Howard turns out to be a 1 year rental, and the Lakers serve as a placeholder for him whilst he recuperates from back surgery.  Now, I realise that's to paint the scenario in pretty much what amounts to the worst possible light, […]

Dwight Howard. Opportunities Abound…

Ok.  Down 1 versus the Spurs.  No surprises there… howver this time – right here, right now – is a perfect place for Dwight Howard to step up and be the player that he once was, that we all thought he could be. That's not to say he hasn't been the guy that we Lakerfans […]

Of legends… Kobe/Achilles

Man… so much running through my mind at the moment that I don't know what to say.  I do know that I cannot sum it up as accurately or as succinctly as a certain Suns fan from Australia that I know… Here's how he closed his piece on Kobe, and Kobe's injury: Kobe proved to […]

The Race Home…

12 games to go.  LA are in 8th, 2 games ahead of Utah and Dallas in 9th/10th.  3 games behind Houston for 7th.  The smoke's beginning to clear away now, and it looks like predictions of the Lakers making the playoffs will be on the mark.  Hell… it's not like picking contenders for the Kentucky […]

Another SOL REPUBLIC Headphones/With Malice GIVEAWAY

SOL REPUBLIC gave me a set of their Master Tracks headphones to 'test-drive'… and I have to say, I'm most impressed.  I have a pair of Dead Mau5, and they're good… but they don't come close to the textured sound the Master Tracks deliver.  The ear cushioning, the pivot system, the size of the speakers… […]

The Greatness of Kobe Bryant

Ok, forget asking for a moment why the Lakers get themselves into situations like this… and ask: has Kobe Bryant ever been any better?    

Who’s old?

This… was sick.   Puts a bit of an exclamation mark on the game… Who?  Kobe?  OLD??? Oh yeah… .500 baby! (never thought that's something I'd get excited about… but here we are)

LeBron James… gets it.

It's no secret that I've been a critic of LeBron James over the years, there have been no shortage of anti-LBJ diatribes here: but I gotta say, I'm now a bit of a fan.  I know when I decided to try appreciate him, I'm not sure when it happened – becoming fully appreciative of the […]