My picks for All NBA Teams…

.Well, only games away from the end of the season.  End of season awards will soon be announced (LeBron almost sure to win his 3rd MVP), and that includes the All NBA teams.  For the most part, it’s pretty clear-cut.  Generally speaking, the 1st team’s easy.  Almost.  Sports betting has it a certainty of LeBron/Durant/Kobe […]

Blake Griffin: Dunks are BS.

.Front page of ESPN: WHAM!  Dunk of the Night: Blake on Ibaka.  Except it wasn’t.  Griffin should have been called for an offensive foul on that play. No clear view from that angle, but in all likelihood Griffin uses his off-hand to clear obstacles.  That’s his ‘modus operandi’.  Have a look at the supposed “Dunk […]

Henry Abbott vs Scott Raab – interview…

Henry Abbott of True Hoop interviewed Scott Raab, self-confessed LeBron James hater, and author of the book, The Whore of Akron. It is a pretty interesting interview. Some thoughts… but first: full disclosure.  I do not like what Abbott’s become.  At one point in time, Henry Abbott was inventive, creative – and had a very […]

Dwyane Wade: Sniper (foul on Kobe was a Flagrant 1)

.It’ll be interesting to see if the NBA will do anything about Dwyane Wade‘s “hard foul” on Kobe Bryant during the All Star Game.  My bet would be “no”. But this: … is more than just a “hard foul”.  Given the circumstance of the game – a game where the players are actively getting out […]

Whoops! ESPN Error Leads To Racially Charged Headline!

#stupidNow, maybe it was in error, and I’ll give those that are choosing the headlines the benefit of the doubt there, but in that case: how stupid can you be?  Post the loss suffered by the Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks, ESPN’s story on it was “Chink In The Armor”.  I’m kind of […]

Will Ferrell: It’s Game Time.

. This should be an NBA staple… Hint: post Bulls intro, skip to 3:00 for Ferrell doing the Hornets! “At guard, his favourite movie is The Notebook… Derek Rose.”  Had to laugh.And “Monty Williaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams…”Brilliant stuff.  Inspired move by NOLA.

Love Stomping

. Gotta say, I initially thought this was bad, then second look didn’t think this was as bad… then on the third go-round noticed what looks like ‘intent’.  Kevin Love looks down at Luis Scola, shorterns his step to intentionally make contact with Scola’s face.  I’m trying to look for mitigating factors here… but failing […]

Dwight Howard: New Jersey, or LA? A discussion…

. Had an interesting discussion with a Nets fan (Shane) this morning on whether it’s Andrew Bynum or Brook Lopez who presents the best trade-bait for Dwight Howard… here ’tis:******Shane: What’s your feel on the Dwight Howard situation? It’s weird as hell to see someone prefer the Nets over the Lakers, who’re the preeminent franchise […]

Does Henry Abbott even watch the NBA?

.After listening to the Abbott slagging off Bryant yet again Jan 13th NBA Today podcast, and enduring yet another Henry Abbott near-diatribe on how “Kobe Bryant might be good, but not that good”, it became almost questionable as to what Henry’s actually seeing. Ok… step back a bit – I guess the proceeding is said more […]

LA: David Stern is screwing with you

. So now it’s the Clippers turn…With Dell Demps pushed to the side of the plate like some misbegotten and unwanted cauliflower, NBA officials are demanding the world from the Los Angeles Clippers in their efforts to pry Chris Paul from their cold, grasping claws Hornets.  Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Bledsoe and […]

[expletive deleted] David Stern

. I went on record yesterday as to how I felt about the possibilities facing the LA Lakers this off season.  Reiterating: “…if NOLA were to bite on a deal with Gasol as the centerpiece, then it would be a possibility… but my gut tells me that it’s going to be an either/or deal. Not […]

‘Tis the (NBA) Season to be jolly…

. Very close. The 2011/12 NBA season kicks off in but a few, short weeks – and NBA fans are experiencing a veritable myriad of emotions as the lockout ends, and the NBA begins again. The months of wheeling and dealing in the trade-season will be crammed into the space of a few weeks. I […]

NBA: Sweet 66

.MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  With the impending probability that the lockout is over (only the nuts ‘n’ bolts of the deal yet to be fully worked out), the NBA announced that they’ll run with a 66 game season beginning on Christmas Day.  It’s going to be a hellaciously manic schedule, with back-to-back-to-backs, and manic travel around the […]