NFL Special: What football bettors should watch for in NFL Week 1

The opening slate of NFL games is almost here. There’s no shortage of storylines for Week 1 of the 2015 season, but football bettors and sports handicappers should be aware of the couple angles and situations to look out for when the NFL season kicks off and you begin to make your football bets online: […]

The Darkness (and light) of Japanese Junior Basketball

View image | I love basketball. And I’m proud to say that this love of Naismith’s game has been passed onto my son. He’s currently 8, and participates in the Japanese mini-version of the game, “mini-basket” (バスケ – “baske” – the Japanese abbreviated word for ‘basketball’). It’s a well-run sport, and children participate in […]

MLB Fantasy Special: Quality Arms

Pitching in baseball is very important, and every team is always looking for a way to obtain as many quality arms as possible. From a fantasy baseball perspective, pitching is not as important. Many people think that pitchers are not dependable enough to be drafted early on. However, here’s a look at 5 guys who […]

And the winner is… (SOL REPUBLIC headphones giveaway)

So, the winner of the With Malice SOL Republic Headphone giveaway is user B R, for his comment: Riding my bike in the mountains of Japan, listening to Boris Brejch`s latest mix, music and body become one. B R, you need to contact me (via

Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown!! GO THE DUNK INVENTOR!!!

.It kills me that there’s no NBA, and yes: I get that it’d be the off-season now, but there’s nothing at all: no trades, no movement, nothing.  And it looks as if we might have to put up with exactly that for quite a while to come.   Fortunately, there’s still hoops to be found. […]

The very human faces of a tragedy

.Now, the human element is coming to the fore.  Before, it was just numbers, and the earthquake and ensuing tsunami were the story.  But in the aftermath, the survivor stories are begining to be told.  On TV tonight, I watched as one elderly man told of how he and his wife hurried as fast as […]

In Japan, and in a state of disbelief…

.It’s late Sunday afternoon here, and southern Japan’s kind of surreal at the moment.  A beautiful, early Spring day that belies the hideous events going on to the north of the country.  Even as life seems to be almost normal down here, there’s still a pall of horror over the southern communities.  There’s the convoys […]

I’m ok… but Japan isn’t

I honestly don’t know where to begin.I guess with thanking those that sent me messages via email, facebook and twitter: I’m fine, my family’s ok.  My friends are for the most part accounted for and doing ok, tho’ honestly I have a few up north that I continue to worry about.  My family and I […]

New Comment System… IS HERE!

.I am very happy to announce that With Malice is flying a NEW COMMENT SYSTEM!  And… it’s fantastic.Powered by Livefyre, this new comment system is cutting edge – easy to sign up, auto-refreshes, cleans windows too!It’s not even really a comment system – more like an integrated chat. Some key points…– Register with Livefyre, or […]

Changes must be made! New template/comment section

You might notice that the site’s undergone bit of a transformation.  We’ve gone to a two-column layout (tho’ soon I hope to change the grey background!), and hopefully in the next few days we’ll be going to a new comment system (one that should make it MUCH easier to comment, update/follow).Should be good!

VOTE NOW! Bloguin Awards…

. Guess what?  Bloguin is 2 years old, and in celebration – the Bloguin Awards are here again!  This year, With Malice has been nominated for: Best Banner (c’mon… it rocks!) Best Blogger (vote Don Landrigan!) Friday just before midnight (US Eastern Time), voting will end… so head over to the Bloguin Awards, and make […]

NBA look-a-likes…

Have you ever seen someone and thought, “Hey!  They look just like <insert name>!!” ??  I sure as hell have (and it’s weird: here in Japan I see ‘Asian versions’ of celebrities). Anyway, here are some good ones… Snoop Dogg & Chris Bosh….   Kevin Durant & Raymond Felton & Darrelle Revis… Kevin Durant & […]

Shot through the heart: you give blogs a bad name

The vast majority of sports-bloggers I know are sports fans who express part of their fandom through blogging.  For the most part, the guys and girls who do this try and do it right: expressing opinion and discussing news – scouring the net and using information readily available.  There are a miniscule few who have […]

I like Rick Reilly, but…

No Brain Activated… Not an NBA piece, but it was basketball.  Anyway, I wrote a piece on Rick Reilly’s lambasting of Yates High School’s Greg Wise, and how un-wise Reilly was – Rick Reilly can shut up now… over at NBA Baseline!

Interview with WhatIfSport’s Mike Schneid

As a bit of a celebration about the changes here, With Malice is entering a bit of a deal with WhatIfSports – we’re going to run a sim league via here in tandem with them, more on that later… but to start the ball rolling, I interviewed Mike Schneid from WhatIfSports, and asked a few […]