Lakers Set For Tough Game Against Steph Curry and the Warriors

The time they are a changing in L.A these days in the NBA as the Lakers are in the unusual position of being the second best team in their city. Kobe Bryant is back and healthy but he has very little support around him on this Lakers squad. Bryant this past Tuesday set another NBA record but not one he will be proud of when his career ends. Bryant now is in the history books for missing the most shots in NBA history. Something Raptors fans will question as he once dropped 81 points against them. It may take those kinds of heroics from Kobe if the Lakers are to get victories this season. While still a great player, father time is also not on Kobe’s side these days. Heading up the California coast things are much more positive in Oakland. The Warriors will be moving across the bay to San Francisco but are making the most of the remaining time in Oakland. Back in the post season last year under Mark Jackson but still made a change to Steve Kerr at the coaching position for this season. Kerr seems a great fit for a team that loves to shoot the three and has always been noted for their high tempo offensive attack. Stephan Curry is extremely talented leading the charge his only issue has been staying healthy. When he is, the Warriors are a tough team to stop. 

This should be an up-tempo exciting contest at Staple Center, which will remind Laker fans of the old days with show time. It will be the Warriors looking more like that team than the current edition of the Lakers. Part of the Lakers game experience is all the famous folks that still show up to games. To star gaze on and off the floor for this one with cost an average ticket price of $224 Dollars. It is the current highest price average on the Lakers schedule for November based on secondary ticket market data. 

It seems very odd to being saying that the Warriors are an overwhelming favorite to come into Staple Center and beat the Lakers. This is an odd season for the Lakers and one that quite frankly they have rarely experienced in their history since moving to L.A form Minneapolis. Jack Nicholson will still be there though as he always is. Fun fact it has been rumored the Nicholson sometimes has it written into his contracts for movies that he is able to attend Lakers home games. He is the king of celebrity fans that has spread to places like New York with director Spike Lee and more recently with rappers like Jay Z with Nets and Drake with the Raptors. No place attracts the ‘A” list like the Lakers though. That will not be the issue however; what will be is getting W’s this season.